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"Oh, I never thought of that. How stupid we clever people are! I never thought that being a lover would make you young."

"I can't bear you not to have me," she sobbed. "It's cruel. It ought to be arranged. People ought to understand.".
"You go 'ome," suggested the constable, "I don't want to have to take you. This is one of my lenient nights, lucky for you.".
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The Curate's heart thumped slowly. "But how did you do it?" he gasped. "And your arm, you know鈥攊t wasn't there!"?
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"Oh, God," he cried out, at last, and shivering from head to foot. "Are you doing these things on purpose to frighten me, or can't you, can't you help it? Do you think I don't believe you? Do you think I can keep on deceiving myself? I tell you I'm ready to believe anything鈥擨 capitulate鈥擨 only ask you to let me down lightly. I'm only human, and human nerves weren't made to stand this."!
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[Pg 189].
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"None," he admitted, "but I was not out.".

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"You're so pretty," he whispered. "You're so very beautiful."
"I am prepared to take that for granted," put in the Doctor, coughing slightly.
They looked solemnly at one another for a[Pg 74] long while without even approaching a "stare out."
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The best!